PVCHECKs-PRO | Commissioning and Maintenance


Commissioning tester for PV system up to 1500V / 40A


Multifunction commissioning tester up to 1500V / 40A capable of taking the following measurements:
• Insulation measurement on PV modules/strings/fields up to 1500VDC (with PI and DAR calculation)
• Open circuit voltage Voc up to 1500V in accordance with IEC/EN62446

• Short circuit current Isc up to 40A in accordance with IEC/EN62446
• Continuity of protective conductors with 200mA
• Polarity
• GFL function for fault finding on strings and PV modules
• Tests on single-facial and bi-facial modules
Automatic acquisition of the cell calibration value (by using suitable cells)

PVCHECKs-PRO is a commissioning tester designed to take all safety measurements and verifications of PV installations in accordance with IEC/EN62446. By a single GO-key stroke PVCHECKs-PRO performs all commissioning tests. Thanks to the seamless mode, PVCHECKs-PRO is able to test in sequence all strings of a combiner box by a single GO-key stroke. Finally, the GFL - Ground Fault Locator detects the precise position of the lack of insulation, speeding the troubleshooting.

Continuity of protective conductors with 200mA  
Open circuit voltage Voc of PV modules and strings 1500V
Short circuit current Isc on PV modules and strings 40A
PV string/field insulation with test voltage 250, 500, 1000, 1500VDC  
Use of SOLAR-03 remote unit with Bluetooth connection  
Measurement of direct (front side) irradiation with reference cell with SOLAR03 remote unit (optional accessory)
Temperature measurement of cell and environment with SOLAR03 remote unit (optional accessory)
Measurement of polarization index P.I.  
Dielectric absorption ratio D.A.R  
GFL function to locate the fault position in the string  
Measurement category CAT III 1000V AC, CAT III 1500VDC
Backlit LCD display  
Internal memory 999 Locations
Integrated WiFi connection and compatibility with HTANALYSIS App  
Optical/USB serial port for PC connection  
Custom management of internal PV module database  
Auto power off  
Help on line on the display  
Size (LxWx H) (mm) 235x165x75
Weight in grams (batteries included) 1200
  • IEC/EN61010-031
  • IEC/EN61010-1
  • IEC/EN61010-2-034
  • IEC/EN61187
  • IEC/EN61326-1
  • IEC/EN61557-1
  • IEC/EN61557-2
  • IEC/EN61557-4
  • IEC/EN62446-1