Installation tester safety tests according to CEI 64-8 with TRMS multimeter functions


Installation tester for safety tests according to CEI 64-8 with TRMS multimeter functions

Device for safety tests according to IEC/EN61557-1 with TRMS multimeter functions

M74 measures Overall earth resistance, tripping time of RCDs type AC, Insulation and Continuity of earth and equipotential conductors according to the laws in force in private electric installations.

In order to make it versatile and fully functional for any kind of end user, the device has been provided with the innovative AUTO: function: by selecting this function and only setting the value of RCD current, M74, connected to a power outlet, carries out tests of overall earth resistance, RCD tests and insulation tests in a sequence. At the end of the test, the device shows all results with the indication of compliance or non-compliance with the standards with simple symbols OK or NOT OK.
M74 has many additional functions such as measurement of phase sequence with 1 terminal, measurement of leakage currents with optional clamp transducer and a powerful multimeter function for measuring voltage and current’s true root mean square value TRMS.

AUTO test (Non-trip ground resistance, RCD, Insulation) in sequence  
Insulation with voltage 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000VDC 250V, 500V
Continuity of protective conductors with 200mA  
Tripping time and current of RCDs type B, A, AC Standard, Selective and Delayed up to 1A A = 30mA - AC = 300mA only general
Non-trip earth resistance  
Contact voltage  
Phase sequence  
Leakage current with optional clamp meter  
Protection category CAT III 550V
DC/AC TRMS voltage and current, Frequency, Resistance, Continuity with buzzer  
Size (LxWx H) (mm) 240x100x45
Weight in grams (batteries included) 630
  • CEI 64-8
  • CEI 64-8 612.2
  • CEI 64-8 612.3 .4 .5
  • EMC 2014/30/EU
  • EMC: IEC/EN61326
  • EN61008
  • IEC/EN61010-1
  • IEC/EN61557-1
  • IEC/EN61557-2
  • IEC/EN61557-3
  • IEC/EN61557-4
  • IEC/EN61557-6
  • IEC/EN61557-7
  • LVD 2014/35/EU
  • UNE20460