HTB500, Borescopes, Borescopes with rechargeable battery


Boroscope with rechargeable battery and interchangeable probe

Model HTB500 is a portable digital borescope which allows carrying out inspections inside parts of objects not physically accessible (typically rotating equipment) and not visible to the naked eye. The instrument uses a waterproof external feeler with 4 LEDs with high brightness and a photo camera, in order to obtain a high-resolution image on the display.

Sensor size ¼in (CMOS), 300.000pxl
Max sensor resolution 640x480pxl
Max sampling frequency 30FPS/S
Color depth 24bit
Image focus fixed (5cm ÷ 15cm) (2.0in ÷ 5.9in)
Zoom image 1.0x ÷ 2.0x
External probe length 1m (39in)
Probe diameter 6mm (0.2in)
Iluminación de la cámara 4 LED white light
Brightness adjustment 10 levels
Rechargeable battery Li-ION, 2000mAh
Low battery indication  
Duration 5 hours
Size (LxWx H) (mm) 250 x 100 x 95mm
Weight in grams (batteries included) 345g
Colour LCD display 640x320pxl
Mechanical protection IP54 (instrument), IP67 (external probe)
PAL/NTSC video output